Yes everyone, we are open.  Woodway will always continue to provide care as needed for our patients, with some modifications

to keep everyone safe and well.  We are actively tracking the updated information regarding Coronavirus daily.  We will soon be

implementing telemedicine so that we can do virtual visit via phone or computer for our wellness and patient routine follow-up

visits.  For now our guidelines are as follows for our patients:




During the current coronavirus outbreak, if you are SHORT OF BREATH, FEVERISH AND HAVE A COUGH we

recommend you go to the emergency room rather than wait to speak with your doctor.  SHORTNESS of BREATH

means you become short of breath with minimal activity that you could do without any problem on a normal

day.   Please proceed directly to the emergency room where you can have imaging done of your lungs, and be

admitted to the hospital if necessary. 




If you have fever or cough for less than a week, we can provide influenza testing. The medication to specifically treat flu is only

useful within a week of symptom onset and that is the basis for this recommendation.  Please call the office and schedule an

appointment and inform the staff that you have a fever.  We will ask that you remain in your vehicle upon arriving at the

office.  Call the office to “check in” once in the parking lot.  Our staff will come out to triage and run an influenza test and/or

strep test while communicating with the physician.  We will provide treatment in the “drive thru” method outside.


If you have fever or cough for one to two weeks, we recommend you follow our recommendations for symptom control found

under “cold symptom care guide” at or on our facebook page.  Please contact our office if you have any

questions or concerns regarding a respiratory illness you or your family member is having.  We are here to assist you.


If you have been ill for over two weeks, and continue to have respiratory symptoms we can arrange for an appointment

to evaluate  for a bacterial infection.   We ask that you please call the office and schedule an appointment informing the staff that

you have had a recent fever, and describe your symptoms.  You will be forwarded to a nurse who will gather as much detail as

necessary prior to your visit.  We will ask that you remain in your vehicle upon arriving at the office.  Call the office

to “check in” once in the parking lot.  Our staff will come out to the parking lot to speak with you while communicating with

the physician.  We will provide treatment in the “drive thru” method outside.


All patients with a fever should use the “drive thru” visit until the coronavirus outbreak is resolved.  At this time Woodway is

unable to test for coronavirus.  Please look for the “Cold Symptom Care Guide” posted separately for information about over the

counter medications that can be taken for various symptoms related to colds and other respiratory infections.  Please contact our

office if you have any questions or concerns regarding a respiratory illness you or your family member is having.  We are here to

assist you.


We are making every effort to screen patients for “sick visits” and provide treatment to those patients outside the office so that

we can continue to provide wellness care for our well patients.  For those patients who have chronic conditions we may contact

you to convert your well visit to a tele-medicine visit over the next few months.  Just know that we will do whatever it takes to

provide you with the same level of care as we have always done.


For more information regarding the coronavirus you may visit