Starting at 9 a.m. Friday, January 8th,  the Indiana State Health Department (ISHD) will begin to open up vaccination scheduling to individuals 80 years old and older.

People who live or work in Indiana will be able to make an appointment at after 9 am Friday. This website will ask patients to register and ensure eligibility.

The link is currently live but the registration link is not active yet.  The link will be live after 9 am tomorrow morning.

The ISHD hasn’t announced specific dates for any age group except those 80 or older.  If you have other questions, please check the two links below.

For more information regarding the coronavirus you may visit

                                                       or state information at              

**After you have received both vaccinations please make a copy of your vaccination card and mail to the office, or bring to your next appointment so that we may record in your medical record.